Norway wins the title!Speed skating men’s team chase: Russia and Austria win silver, USA bronze, China ranked 8th

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Norway won the men’s team pursuit of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games in the final of Group A in 3:38.08, while the Russian Olympic Committee finished second in 3:40.46, 2.38 seconds behind.The U.S. men took bronze in 3:38.81, beating the Netherlands in 3:41.62 in the Group B final.Lian Ziwen, wang Haotian and Xu Fu competed in the final of Group D, finishing 8th in 3:53.58.Men’s team pursuit race needs to skate 3,200 meters in the National Speed Skating Hall, two laps more than the women’s team pursuit race of 2,400 meters six laps. In a single race, two teams respectively start in the middle of the finishing straight and the opposite straight, and the fixed score depends on the time of the last member of the team crossing the line.The speed skating men’s team pursuit world record is 3:34.47 set by the United States in Salt Lake City on Dec. 5, 2021. By contrast, the Winter Olympic record is 3:36.62 set by the Russian Olympic Committee in Beijing.China’s men’s team pursuit race team compared to larger changes in the past, due to the format requirements only admitted to the Olympic skating individual contestants can, is commonly used in the cast had to makeshift squad after losing, originally only focus in short LianZiWen, hao-tian wang and did xu fu, partner name NingZhongYan practiced only half a month at the Beijing Olympics,He failed to advance to the semifinals after taking 3:52.25 in the quarterfinals. In the final of Group D, he finished in 3:53.58, ranking eighth behind Italy but making history.Speed skating men’s team pursuit semifinal Group 1, the Netherlands in the 9th time point 2:04.56 was 0.77 seconds behind Norway, the 13th time point 2:58.42 was 1.23 seconds behind, the final result of 3:39.61 failed to advance to the final group A, behind the leader Norway by 1.34 seconds.The latter qualified in 3:39.62.Defending champions Norway dominated the lead from the start as the Dutch stumbled on their progress.In group 2 of the semifinals, the U.S. men’s team was 31.47 seconds behind the Russian Olympic Committee by 0.22 seconds at the second time point, 0.19 seconds behind the Russian Olympic Committee at 1:10.47 seconds at the fifth time point, and 0.08 seconds behind the Russian Olympic Committee at 2:02.86 seconds at the ninth time point.However, the Russian Olympic Committee retook the top spot at 2:55.96 on the 13th time point, 0.27 seconds ahead of the U.S. in the final sprint of 3:36.61, an Olympic record, and advancing to the Group A final 3:37.05 ahead of the U.S.The south Korean men’s team, the runner-up in the last session, failed to advance to the semifinals due to its poor performance in the quarterfinals, and had to compete with Canada for the fifth place in the Group C final. The result of the 8th time point was 1:55.85, 0.56 seconds behind, and it took 2:55.27 seconds to slow down in the 11th time point, which was a significant gap behind Canada to 9.32 seconds.The 14th time of 3:24.24 was 11.30 seconds off, and the final time was 3:53.77 to place sixth, 13.38 seconds behind the fifth place Canada of 3:40.39.Speed skating men’s team pursuit GROUP B final, the Dutch men’s team in the second time point is 31.34 0.04 seconds behind the United States, the fifth time point is 1:11.63 1:25 seconds behind the United States, the seventh time point is 1:38.89 2:21 behind, the 10th time point is 2:19.60 2:92 seconds behind.It was 2:46.63 on the 12th time point, 2:96 behind, and finished fourth in 3:41.62, sending the United States to bronze in 3:38.81.Group A final, the Russian Olympic Committee in the second time of 31.55 seconds behind Norway 0.26 seconds, the fourth time of 57.85 seconds behind 0.81 seconds, the sixth time of 1:24.34 seconds behind Norway 1.44 seconds, the ninth time of 2:04.32 behind 1.91 seconds.The 11th time point was 2:31.19 and 1.99 seconds behind. The final sprint time was 3:40.46 and the second place was 2.38 seconds behind. In contrast, Norway successfully defended its title with a time of 3:38.08.