HP printers can’t print with ink

2022-04-27 0 By

The nozzle is blocked because the ink in the nozzle is dry.1, first understand the printer is one of the output devices of the computer, used to print the results of computer processing on the relevant media.The quality of a printer is measured by three factors: resolution, speed and noise.There are many types of printers, according to the printing components of the paper is hitting action, points hit printer and non-hit printer.According to the printing character structure, divided into full – shape printer and dot matrix printer.2, secondly, there is ink can not print the word when you can use the printer automatic cleaning software cleaning, cleaning several times, cleaning every 10 minutes;Remove the ink cartridge or print head and soak the print head in warm water of about 50 degrees Celsius. Remember that the water level should not reach the chip of the print head.Headquartered in Beijing, China HP co., Ltd. is committed to providing Chinese users with leading technology products and services at competitive prices, cultivating first-class talents, providing the best customer experience, and ultimately growing together with China.