Gionee K10 is a stunning combination of Xiaomi and Huawei design styles.

2022-04-27 0 By

Maybe anyone remembers gionee phone?Jin Lifeng unlimited years ago, now only rely on the old machine and shanzhai machine survival.Recently, Gionee released a new phone — The GIonee K10, which is a combination of all the brands in terms of design. You can even find the shadow of Huawei and Xiaomi in it.According to this rendering poster, the Gionee K10 has a hyperboloid screen on the front, a hole in the front left corner, the same wallpaper as huawei, and a camera module on the back that is very similar to the Mi 10S.The Gionee K10 is like a pack machine, without the thought and design of its own brand.There is no detailed introduction about the hardware configuration, only that it is equipped with eight-core 12nm process chips, and you can imagine the performance strength.Image parameters are also described vaguely, with only “large sensors”, as three of the four lenses you can see are fake.Why is Gionee doing that?What do you think of the shanzhai style after all?