Is there an industrial chain in the game?Practice, face pinching, screenshots, painting…Sword net 3 all have!

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Hello, swordsmen. I am writing to you.Play sword net 3 so many years, how are the swordsmen into the pit?A few days ago, I was surprised to find that 4 out of 10 people fell into the pit because of fandom/manga, and some were brought into the pit by her boyfriend or friends. Although her boyfriend had broken up, she still played Sword3 and had taken sword3 as a way of relaxation in life.In fact, it is not surprising, because Sword three in the early domestic ancient style games or occupy a considerable part of the place, and around the game and game fans have also derived a considerable part of the industry chain, this time I will bring you a brief analysis.First of all, I believe that you chivalrous men are not strange to it, say a word, playing the game for so many years, how could not find a substitute?Whether it is daily, adventure, achievement, pet or qualification blind box training, has become its mature scale, and in the post bar, QQ group and other forums there are also very many discussion sites, and even some people take training as a serious part-time regular order.We do not evaluate his good or bad, as long as the appearance is actually meaningful, but to remind the heroes do not find scripts or use scripts, will affect the account’s active evaluation, serious may be banned.The second is face pinching, screenshots and other works based on the characters themselves, as well as secondary works, including fan fiction.According to the image of the clan, or the NPC in the game as a model for derivative creation, and in the weibo of @jianwangsantongrenniang, it also clearly stipulates what kind of fan works and goods can be used for profit, under what circumstances to famous Jianwangs3 copyright.Pinch face many pinch face wife have their own taobao shop, the price of data is not expensive, home blueprint is the same, the chivalricians can go to support don’t buy pirated.Finally, there is a combination of painting circle painting head this behavior, in fact, I have also made about the head draft, have to say that it is very lovely, and this way can also make themselves in the game activities more sense of generation, chivalrous men have tried about the sword three related draft?