Xiao Yan collapse all, xuan protect law but appear?

2022-04-25 0 By

Hello everyone, welcome to Dake Comic book, I am the author dake, take you into the world of comic book.I have a new story for you today called “Fight through the Sky.”Stay tuned!We all know that disintegration is a Chinese word, and pinyin is wǎ jiě. The definition is tiles broken, which is a metaphor for collapse or splitting or separation.Without saying more, the text is as follows: Xiao Yan shouted: next, who else?Eagle mountain old man say: bodhi body salivate old husband ambition in obtain!Mo zong also said: Xiao Door Lord, act too domineering can not be good!One side of the small medicine fairy but asked: Mo zong, Mo less zong recently how?Sure enough, Mo shao zong was poisoned!Mo zong then suddenly realized: I should have thought it was you!Han Feng carelessly say to Xiao Yan: Xiao Yan!You think if you dismantle these people, I can’t deal with you?The custodian of the porch!These people are in your hands!This?What is this black fog?Well, that’s the end of today’s cartoon. See you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to big animation Xiao Yan and Canaan people killed into the valley of magic inflammation!The evil Han Feng unexpectedly want alliance?