One man’s strongest spear was broken, the other his strongest shield shattered

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Marbury and Li Nan with the same disease, one of their strongest offensive spear was broken, that is, Zhang Fan and Liao Sanning injury retreat, which also let the North control team outside attack ability at least was removed half.And another person’s strongest shield was broken, that is, Wu Guan Xi’s injury retired, which also let suzhou team inside defense ability at least 50% removed.It seems that Marbury and Li Nan is really the same disease, however, they will give up?Below, with basketball younger brother together to see!Sail and liao ning has hurt back first, let’s take a look at the BeiKong team, I believe you also know that in the second stage of the competition, the BeiKong team main force guard sail and liao three would have to take because of injury, just last month, 15 latest injury by the CBA official report, sail recovery cycle also need eight weeks, this is no problem for the regular season,Even if he does get back by the end of the regular season, he’s not going to be able to play at the level he’s in.However, Liao’s condition is much more serious than Zhang’s, after a vicious elbow from Huh left him with four facial fractures, and his recovery is not expected until June at the earliest.North control outside short board has been thoroughly exposed this also let Marbury is facing the real test, even if Guo Shiqiang will Li Qingxiang support to Marbury, but his various aspects of the level can reach the standard of these two people it is difficult to say.Although Marbury is very satisfied with the results of his trial, but basketball younger brother can also see his helplessness, if not absorbed Li Qingxiang, the north Control team outside the short board will be exposed more obvious.Now the key to see li Qingxiang this veteran in the window period can run in with the North control team to which degree.With a record of 14-14, beikong is currently ranked 11th in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league, just three games away from 13th ranked Xinjiang.BeiKong mode to the hell and BeiKong team in the third stage will be to shenzhen, guangdong, fujian, Beijing and tianjin the five teams have been playing two rounds of encounters, runner-up bayi narrowly also to say, after all now strength margin must also is not imagination, but the other four teams is a tragedy, they are not itself strength than the BeiKong team, is that they have completed the new breakthrough.Just like tianjin’s three-point rain, their ability was completely thrown out at the end of the second phase. Even if The North Control team has completed the signing of four foreign aid, but the foreign aid policy of four quarters and four people will compress their role in the team to the extreme, it seems that Marbury’s challenge is really coming.Edison wu unfortunately injured the second, we have a look at the suzhou team.As you may remember, Just in the second half of last month, Suzhou’s main center, Edison Wu, was diagnosed with a rupture of his biceps tendon, which means he will also be out for the season.And Wu For the Suzhou team how key, this does not need to basketball brother said more!He is suzhou’s insider sluice is critical, even if they are still in the paint with TongXin, Jiang Haoran, Liu Jinting, Liu Yuxuan, Zheng Qilong, Li Lu Tong and Zhao Xuxin blessing, but after the first two stages of continuous efforts, we is not hard to find, only with Li Lu Jiang Haoran Tong can bear the task.Li Lu Tong into suzhou last hope can the two of them there is a more realistic problem, one of them is subject to the height factor, and another person subject to the influence of the skill and experience, etc, it also makes them hard to shoulder the suzhou team in the game inside, misia now can only put breakthrough completely in Li Lu Tong on the teenager.And suzhou team, currently only Li Lu Tong most likely shoulder suzhou team inside, because he’s with a 2.13 meters height and 88 kg of body weight, even if his body slightly thin, but he must have realized this problem, maybe he would have started to fill QiangZiJi in this board.Li Nan is now very difficult and when Wu Injured after the retreat, the whole team can only be inside all hope to his body.However, Wu’s injury withdrawal for Suzhou is only one of the aspects, in the earlier, their main guard Cui Xiaolong also injured because of ligament problems due to sidelined.According to the current situation, even if he can return to the team in March, it is difficult for him to meet the playing standard in his current condition, which makes the overall strength of suzhou team suffer a heavy blow.Even if Li Nan has the heart to lead suzhou team out of the trough period, but he is in more time is “clever housewife make bricks without rice!”Not to mention suzhou team is now the main push is all Chinese class!Marbury can still keep the playoffs but even if such, marbury and misia also won’t give up, especially marbury, when Deng Meng back, their perimeter board will get further relief, plus Li Qingxiang arrival, also let BeiKong team may have to full health, as long as he can make more breakthrough during the window period,North Carolina still has a chance to keep the playoffs alive!The situation of Suzhou team is a little less optimistic, because they are likely to fall to the bottom of the league!What do you think about that?