Look at the games, today watch | Beijing games, China’s first gold in short track again?

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▲ On November 21, 2021, the Chinese team won the gold medal of the 2000-meter mixed relay at the Hungary Short track Speed Skating World Cup.Xinhua News Agency today, the Beijing Winter Olympics launched a complete sense of the first race day competition.Chinese ice and snow athletes, who have been grinding for four years, are looking forward to shining from today.Six gold MEDALS are on offer today, with the short-track mixed relay team the main target.The Chinese short track speed skating team led by Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Fan Kexin is expected to win the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation.Short track China wins first gold?Event: 2000-m mixed relay Time: 19:00 Today, short track speed skating will be in full motion.The quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the 2000 m mixed relay will be held.Short-track speed skating is one of the most entertaining events in the Winter Olympics and is a traditional gold medal event for China.China won a total of 13 gold MEDALS in the history of the Winter Olympics, short track speed skating alone 10!Yang Yang won the women’s 500-meter gold medal in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002, which is the first gold medal in The history of China’s Winter Olympics.Short track speed skating 2000 meters mixed relay is the first time to enter the Olympic Games, in this event, the Ability and level of The Chinese team is recognized as the world’s top — the previous four World Cup races, The Chinese team won two gold, one silver and one bronze, and with a total of 28,000 points in this event, the world’s first.China are the favourites to win.But the short track can change so quickly that anything can happen.The mixed relay will go through the quarterfinals, semifinals and final three shots to determine the winner.China’s opponents include traditional powerhouses such as South Korea, the Netherlands and Hungary.South Korea currently holds the world record of 2:35.951 seconds, while the Netherlands and Hungary are second and third in the event. China faces a tough challenge.China’s four players Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin, Zhang Yuting cooperate well with each other, expect them to stand on the capital stadium tonight the highest podium.In addition to the highly anticipated first gold medal, short-track speed skating heats will also be in full play today.In the previous Olympic trials, there were several new faces in the Chinese team, and their performance is also very worthy of expectation.Starting at 19:00, women’s 500 meters and men’s 1000 meters will be launched in succession.Fan Kexin, who suffered an unfair penalty in Pyeongchang 2018, is looking forward to recovering his glory at home.These are likely to be the 29-year-old’s last Olympics, and she doesn’t want to leave her career with regrets.Snow events will be the first competition day gold production, a total of 4 gold, respectively is the mixed relay 4×6 km, women’s double chase, women’s individual standard platform, men’s snow skills, these several projects will have Chinese athletes appear.Although these events are still dominated by European and American players, Chinese players have emerged in international competitions in recent years and are now the first group in Asia.At the home games in Beijing, China hopes to make a breakthrough and reach the podium.At 19:10, Fan Duoyao, captain of The Chinese bobsled team, will take the lead in the men’s single first round.It will be the first time for the Chinese bobsled team to appear on the stage of the Winter Olympic Games, achieving another historic breakthrough in China’s ice and snow sports.Although our country bobsled started late, the athletes have made great progress.Fan duoyao became the first Chinese male athlete to compete in the bobsled World Cup in November 2021.Chinese athletes will also compete in snowboarding, ski jumping and moguls freestyle skiing.Time: 14:05, 20:05 The team round-robin matches of mixed doubles will continue at icecube.This is known as the “ice chess” project, although there is no exciting scene, but the calm, focused, elegant players in the competition, and the arena of the rapidly changing kill, counter-kill, there is no lack of attractions.Chinese mixed pairs Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi have another day of doubles.At 14:05, they will take on the American team first.They will reappear six hours later to meet Norway at 20:05.Norway, the last bronze medalist, is a strong team.In the first four matches, Fan Su Yuan/Ling Zhi two wins and two losses.Time: 14:05, 20:0516:30, Chinese athletes Han Mei, Yin Qi, Ahenar Adak will appear in the women’s 3000m speed skating competition.Han Mei is the most powerful athlete in the middle and long distance events of the Chinese women’s speed skating team. She has certain international competitiveness in the 3,000m event, and she expects to make a breakthrough at home.As the only new ice arena, it will also be the Olympic debut of the magnificent National Speed skating Stadium, the Ice Ribbon.‍ source | crystal report APP ‍ reporter: Zou Zhenmin editor: Liu Ke