Learn to love yourself and cut your losses

2022-04-25 0 By

A lot of people are in pursuit of a love of their own people, often neglect how to love themselves, in the end ushered in is empty, others despise, their entanglements.Life is like chess, one wrong step, step by step, the end is to lose.Love is never one-sided, love needs to go both ways to make sense.For example, on Valentine’s Day, poor women ask men for gifts and companionship. Such women are really incompetent, shameful and cheap.Love each other, know how to warm each other, give each other happiness and joy.A smart woman will not make a scene for a bunch of roses or for a man who does not accompany her. Instead, she will learn to meditate on life, do her own thing well, and see nothing ethereal.A man who truly loves you will not love others behind your back. He will not do things wrong behind your back. He will care about you.A man can not even do self-discipline, the man is of no value, he is useless.Love is for the people who deserve it, for the people you are hiding from, so that you do not have a sense of security, to know how to cut losses in time, do not waste their time and energy.A man who does not love you is worse than an iron cock, whether it is time or money.Feelings wrong pay, than what are shameful, know the other side is hesitant, inconsistent, say little nonsense, completely put down, cruel withdrawal, this is the best account for their own.As a woman, we must learn to be kind to ourselves and please ourselves, as for men, just follow the fate.For only talk about love, as little as possible in the ear, so as not to hurt the ears, hurt the body, but also hurt the heart.The man who loves you will not let you worry about gains and losses, he will try to give you enough security and happiness.The man who does not love you always complains that you want too much, he always says that he can not give you anything.In fact, the man who loves you will hold you in the palm of his hand, the festival will surprise you, and you will have enough confidence and company, rather than the gift that belongs to you, he instantly gave it to others.He knows how to make you feel his love. He will reach out to you and accompany you seriously. In his heart, you will always be his beloved.