Is capital university of economy and trade one

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Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing and the country is basically the first batch of enrollment, so we usually think of capital University of Economics and Business is a university.1. Capital University of Economics and Business (Hereinafter referred to as “First Economics and Business”)It is a modern, multi-disciplinary university of finance and economics with economics and management as its important characteristics and outstanding advantages, and with the mutual support and coordinated development of various disciplines. It is a member of the Alliance of Beijing-Hong Kong Universities and key universities under the jurisdiction of Beijing.It has been selected into the National High-level University Graduate Program, the National Characteristic Key Discipline Program, the National Ecological Civilization Education Base, and the recipient institution of Chinese government Scholarship for International students.2. Advantageous majors: National first-class undergraduate majors (8) : Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Statistics, Business Administration, Accounting, Asset Evaluation, Labor and Social Security.Beijing first-class undergraduate program construction (3): law, communication, information management and information system.3. Dormitory conditions: There are 13 student apartments, which are located on the east side of the campus and off campus.The dormitory consists of 4 to 6 people, equipped with air conditioning, network ports, desks and chairs.For security reasons, there are surveillance cameras at all entrances and foyers, as well as fancy fingerprint access systems at the entrances.There are two kinds of dormitories: bed, table and bunk, and the dormitory environment varies according to the price.