Imported fruit supervision to upgrade the four cards can be listed

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Eur eur eur eur Eur Eur Eur Eur Eur De China’s increased regulation of imported fruit in China on February 16 saw the government ramp up efforts to control the eur eur eur eur.Before that, our province took the lead in issuing normative documents to strengthen the control of imported fruits, requiring that each batch of imported fruits into Zhejiang must be tested negative for nucleic acid in batches, and after preventive disinfection, hold the “three certificates” (inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid testing certificate and disinfection certificate) and use the “Zhejiang Food Chain” code scanning code before being marketed and sold.And newly added import fruit outer packing certificate now.In addition, some fruits with the “three certificates” information from other provinces need to go to 20 professional nucleic acid testing stations in the province for nucleic acid testing again to ensure that the batch testing is in place.For this, our city market supervises branch to have begun action.”Imported fruit inventory and sales area must be separate, customers come to buy imported fruit let them scan the QR code…”On the afternoon of February 17, zhenhai Zhaobaoshan market supervision of law enforcement officers came to the area of a fruit shop, on the import of fruit inspection.On the scene, law enforcement personnel focused on checking whether the operator shows the zhejiang food chain TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, whether to mix imported fruits and domestic fruits, whether there are sales places and cold storage regular disinfection records, whether there are employees’ health files.At the same time, law enforcement officials reiterated that those who have direct contact with imported fruits should take nucleic acid tests once a week, and urged businesses to encourage consumers to register their purchase information.”By integrating the four certificates into one, consumers can scan the code to check the information, and we form a closed-loop management on imported fruits.In this way, consumers can eat imported fruits with confidence and safety.”Zhenhai district market supervision bureau related person in charge said.