“Henan Affairs Office” will expand the scope of business docking provident fund and other key application scenarios to establish unified standards across the province

2022-04-25 0 By

Dahe.com (Reporter Song Xiangle) On February 16, the Information Office of Henan Provincial Government held the eighth press conference of the series of “Practical and Beneficial to the People, Gather and strive for Excellence” in Henan Province to announce the situation related to improving mobile government service capacity and people’s livelihood in 2021.Dahe.cn reporters learned from the press conference that “Yushi Office” has been listed as the key livelihood matters of The province in 2022.Province bureau of big data will speed up “and do” hall construction, promote the construction of “and what do” by “rapid development” to “quality development”, from “single bit at the provincial level force” to “the province’s chess” transformation, continuously optimize system performance, enhance the user experience, really make people feel “use” “to use” “in love”.Through the introduction of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other advanced technologies, we can provide precise services to thousands of people and meet the personalized service needs of users.The introduction of intelligent voice, intelligent customer service, precise search and other technologies, convenient for users to use, easy for users to find.Data analysis technology is introduced to accurately analyze the registered users, traffic volume, item usage, user characteristics and behaviors of “Yu Shi Ban” to realize intelligent push service.Data backup, automatic detection, automatic warning, network situation awareness and other technologies are introduced to strengthen secure operation and maintenance and escort the performance and data security of the platform.Expand the scope of business docking and strengthen the docking with provincial departments.Focus on the accumulation fund, medical insurance, civil affairs, WeiJian, clubs, public security and other high-frequency key business, combined with the national “do” in the province, “across the province to do” task requirements, through and more access to the apple of fujian association of foreign languages and are available in the province office, your to-do list.Drawing on the experience and practice of the provident fund issues launched by “Yuqi Office”, coordinating relevant departments of the province, establishing unified provincial standards for key application scenarios such as provident fund, medical insurance, human resources and social cooperation, and electronic licenses, so as to deepen and thoroughly the high-frequency livelihood issues.Promote the publicity and promotion of “Henan Affairs Office” to establish a regular publicity and promotion mechanism, set up professional teams, unified design of publicity materials, formulate publicity and promotion plans, and guide local publicity and promotion work.Combine the publicity and promotion of “Yu Shi Ban” with hot current events, carry out special promotion activities using hot convenient services such as “College entrance examination inquiry”, “health code” and “electronic certificate” to further improve the publicity and promotion effect of “Yu Shi Ban”.Comprehensively improve the quality of “Yushi Office” branch office, improve the top-level construction, strengthen the supporting capacity of branch office platform, and open various functional components to enhance the carrying capacity of “Yushi Office” provincial platform.Rationally plan the convergence process of mobile terminal applications in various localities and departments, screen high-frequency features, and constantly promote the convergence of mobile terminal applications of government affairs services in various localities and departments to “Yu Affairs Office” in accordance with the principle of “equal emphasis on quantity and quality”.