Minimally invasive + accurate + fast recovery!Huadong Hospital successfully performed Da Vinci robotic surgery for rectal cancer patients

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Recently, east China hospital general surgery gastrointestinal professional group Lu Qi chief physician team using Da Vinci robot surgical system, rectal cancer patients successfully implemented radical surgery for rectal cancer.It is understood that the patient is old and complicated with more basic diseases, and the tumor is close to the anal position.After multidisciplinary preoperative consultation, anesthesia and nursing cooperation, the operation was carried out steadily and successfully.The tumor and lymph nodes were thoroughly removed and the peripheral nerves and anus were protected under a clear surgical vision of the robotic system.It can prolong the survival time of patients with malignant tumor to the greatest extent and improve the postoperative quality of life of patients to a certain extent.According to reports, as one of the earliest hospitals in China to introduce the Da Vinci robotic surgery system, Huadong Hospital has been using it in the fields of hernia and abdominal wall, pancreas, hepatobiliary surgery in urology, thoracic surgery and general surgery since its introduction.In 2010, Tang Jianxiong and his team successfully performed the first incisional hernia repair and inguinal hernia repair under Da Vinci robot in China.As some diseases of radical surgery of malignant tumors under robot are included in the scope of medical insurance payment, the number of robotic surgeries in general surgery is increasing, which makes full use of the advantages of equipment to bring good prognosis to patients and reduce the economic burden of patients.The application and popularization of Da Vinci robotic surgical system will be conducive to further improve the diagnosis and treatment level of general surgery for difficult diseases, and bring more minimally invasive, accurate and rapid rehabilitation surgical diagnosis and treatment services for the majority of patients.Da Vinci | Surgical characteristics Different from common laparoscopic surgery, the lead surgeon of Da Vinci robotic surgery is sitting in front of the central console not far from the operating table, using the vision provided by the central console, using both hands and feet to operate a large and complex robotic surgical system.Through the signal transmission system, the giant robotic arm of the surgical system performs fine operations such as cutting, electrocoagulation and suturing of the lesion tissue.For complex surgical operations, Da Vinci robotic surgery is more accurate in protecting patients’ nerves and blood vessels, with less intraoperative trauma and faster postoperative recovery.I believe the old Shanghai teahouse has moved to Jing ‘an!Sewing machine, biscuit tin, hand-painted Bright wooden box…Thick nostalgic wind blows on your face!▶ How few people registered their marriages in Shanghai on February 14?On the contrary, the date has been fulfilled.Ten thousand years ago, ice and snow players will play so → “Shanghai Jing ‘an” wechat “Shanghai Jing ‘an” APP