Major manufacturers at home and abroad are expected to usher in a number of landing projects in 2022 lidar

2022-04-24 0 By

Xiaopeng Recently bought a stake in Yijing Technology, which is committed to providing all-solid-state lidar solutions.At present, domestic and foreign major manufacturers have arranged the lidar on the board, sagitar Jutron, Huawei, Tudatong, Hesai Technology and other domestic lidar manufacturers are expected to usher in a number of landing projects in 2022.Compared with millimeter wave radar, lidar can detect human body.Compared with cameras, lidar has a longer detection range and is better at detecting vulnerable environments and non-standard still objects.Through the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of 2021 and CES 2022 observation, Great Wall, GAC, NIO, Ideal, Xiaopeng and other vehicle manufacturers are actively layout lidar based on the sensor of autonomous driving, mass production of lidar in 2022 May accelerate the landing.According to the financial Union theme database, the related listed companies: Wanji Technology has 8 lines, 16 lines, 32 lines, 128 lines and other laser radar products, the company’s vehicle laser radar products have passed the vehicle level test.Liancon electronics and lidar manufacturers are cooperating in the field of receiving and transmitting lens for mechanical lidar.