China closing in on US, Winter Olympics medal tally updated!China broke the record with 7 gold MEDALS and Norway with 13

2022-04-24 0 By

Beijing Time on February 17, February 16, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a number of events ended, short track speed skating completed all the events, The Chinese team’s advantage in the men’s 5,000m relay, due to the error of the young sun Long, the final Chinese team at the bottom of the final, no gold and MEDALS.Qi Guangpu, a veteran skier, won a gold medal in freestyle skiing, adding another gold medal to the Chinese team.So far, China has won seven gold MEDALS, breaking the new Asian record for gold MEDALS in winter Olympics, which was previously held by South Korea with six.In addition, China’s current ranking has also risen to the fourth, close to the United States, there is a chance to overtake.At present, China has seven gold, four silver and two bronze MEDALS, ranking the fourth in the medal table, next only to Norway, Germany and the United States, while the United States has eight gold, seven silver and four bronze MEDALS. China has every chance to make great efforts in the following games and overtake the United States.At present, in the remaining events of The Chinese team, gu Ailing will participate in the halfpipe event, which has the possibility of attacking the gold medal. Gu Ailing has won the gold medal in this event in the four consecutive World Cup competitions before the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Before the competition began, Gu Was still practicing. She even fell down and cried because of the pain. She asked her mother to hug her.Be worth what carry is, no matter the GuAiLing winning, China now harvest 7 gold 4 silver and 2 bronze, have broken the history 1 good grades, is after 5 gold, also helping to create a new Asian record, able to complete the two records, has a great, China has achieve breakthroughs in snow and ice project, GuAiLing gold is the icing on the cake.The latest medal table, China team is also top ten ranking, or even top five ranking, the only Asian team, the rest such as Japan, South Korea, respectively ranked 13th and 14th, are 2 gold results, add up to 4 gold, not as good as China’s 7 gold.This means that China’s ice and snow sports have become the first class in Asia and the face of Asia.After all, the Last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics saw only one gold medal for The Chinese team, which deserves all praise for such a big improvement.Norway has topped the medal table since the start of the games, winning three gold MEDALS in the first day of competition on Feb. 15 and one more on Feb. 16.At present, Norway has won 13 gold MEDALS, firmly in the first place, 3 more than Germany in the second place, the total number of MEDALS reached 28, the same first, 4 more than the Russian Olympic Committee in the second place.These results are enough to reflect Norway’s excellent team, basically locked this Winter Olympics medal table no. 1, counting the previous session of no. 1, Norway will complete the second consecutive.(Lin Xiaoshi)