2000 price point Android Light!These four phones deserve to be counted

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According to different use requirements, it can be divided into the following five tiers: comprehensive cost-effective models: Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi K40, IQOO NEO5, Realme GT/GT Neo with good body feel models:IQOO Neo5, Realme X7 Pro, Realme GT Neo, Realme Q3 ProRedmi K40 Game Enhancement Version, Redmi Note9/10 Pro, Motorola Edge S game models: Black Shark 4, IQOO Neo5/ Dynamic version, Redmi K40 Game Enhancement Version, RealmeGT series 2, 1500-2000 yuan model analysis 1.Redmi Note10 ProRedmi Note9 ProRedmi 10X ProPerformance, battery life and recharge speed are very good, but photography is average, pass mark.120Hz high brush with JBL double lift and X axis motor, the game feel good.LCD screen feel comfortable, the body has reduced weight to 200g below, praise!Note9 Pro: Good battery life and shooting, but normal charging speed, 3.5mm headphone jack, 6.67 inch large screen is suitable for the elderly or as a spare phone.10X Pro: Average battery life and quick charge, good photo, main camera support OIS optical anti-shake praise.The screen supports DC dimming and feels comfortable.The glass body has good texture, but leaves fingerprints easily.OPPO K9OPPO K7OPPO K95 model highlights: K9: slim body, only weighs 172G, high appearance level.Battery life is general, charging speed is good.The 3.5mm headphone jack and front-facing camera are good, but they don’t support NFC and have a single speaker.K7: Weak battery life and average speed of regeneration, support while playing with praise.Before and after the camera is good, after four shots, front hd beauty.Does not support NFC and is equipped with a single speaker.A95: thin body, feel good, support the screen under the fingerprint praise.The battery life and fast charge are average, and only a single speaker does not support NFC.Realme SERIES Realme GT NeoRealme GT NeoRealme Q3 ProRealme Q3 ProHigh cost performance, equipped with Phecas 1200, good performance.The battery capacity is large, the battery life is long, the two models only have the difference in charging speed, the flash version 65W blood return faster.120Hz high brush +GT game mode, good game experience, heat dissipation.The back shell is plastic design, the body is thin, the appearance level is high, the texture is general, more suitable for the student party.Q3 Pro/ Carnival edition: all are plastic frosted back shell, not easy to leave fingerprints, thin body, good appearance level, and support 3.5mm headphone jack praise.The photography level is average, and all do not support NFC.The performance of the standard version is ok, while the performance of the 768G loaded by the Carnival version is mediocre, but the recharge speed and front-facing camera ability have been improved.Recommended sequence: GT Neo Flash version > GT Neo > Q3 Pro > Q3 Pro Carnival version 3, 2000-2500 yuan model analysis 1.K40/Pro: both are cost-effective, K40 carries Snapdragon 870, stable power consumption and acceptable performance.Pro version with Snapdragon 888, excellent performance, average power consumption, and the main upgrade.They are all equipped with Samsung E4 light-emitting screen with high screen quality, good game experience, decent battery life and average recharge speed.The rest no difference, more suitable for students, workers or elders.K40 game enhancement version: cost-effective game entry machine, performance is acceptable, battery life and fast charge are very good!Lifting shoulder key +JBL double speaker +X axis motor, game experience is improved, faster out of the gun.The screen is replaced by Huaxing photoelectric, which has been cut.Take photos in the rules, more suitable as a backup machine, game or sent to the student party, the game party.K30s: Equipped with last year’s flagship snapdragon 865, the performance is acceptable, LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 storage and flash speed praise!LCD +144Hz high brush, smooth and comfortable.Long endurance, average speed of blood return.And the 216G body is slightly heavy, so it feels like a normal grip.2. Realme Series GTX7 Pro model highlights: GT: the cheapest Snapdragon 888 model (excluding activities), excellent performance.Plastic back design, thin body, general texture.The battery life is good and the blood recharge speed is fast.120Hz high brush with GT game mode, 3.5mm headphone jack, good game experience.Unfortunately, OIS is not supported.X7 Pro: Cheapest phone with a curved screen, powered by Breguet 1000Plus, with mediocre performance.Battery life, charging speed is good, photography is ok.170g super light body, comfortable grip not tired hands, more suitable for girls.GT > X7 Pro3. OPPOReno5Equipped with Snapdragon 765G, the performance is mediocre, 65W flash charge has good blood return speed, 3.5mm headphone jack is well received, this price is equipped with a single speaker and does not support NFC, which is quite embarrassing.Highlights: As a professional mobile game brand, Black Shark focuses on game functions, which is suitable for game enthusiasts.Black Shark 4 carries Snapdragon 870 with stable power consumption and smooth performance.The battery life and fast charge are very strong, only 17min to fully charge.E4 screen support, comfortable brightness, high brush + high touch + panoramic antenna, game feel fully open.Support NFC praise!However, the photo is general, and the appearance of partial function wind, 210G weight slightly heavy.5. IQOO series Neo5 Dynamic Neo5 model highlights: Neo5: Cost-effective, equipped with Snapdragon 870, stable power consumption, good performance, with independent game chip, dual core design, good game experience.The battery life is good and the blood recharge speed is fast.Main camera configuration OIS optical anti – shake praise, good night shooting ability.AG frosted glass body, not easy to leave fingerprints, good texture, more suitable for students, workers.Neo5 Vitality: The doll model of Neo3, equipped with Snapdragon 870, LCD +144Hz high screen brush, good screen quality, good game experience.Battery life and charging speed is fair, the level of photography is average.Iv. The models of around 2000 are sorted out. If there are other models of price consultation, welcome to discuss in the comment section!Can also pay attention to my article dynamic, will continue to update.Let’s make a simple classification, so that we can choose more intuitively: High comprehensive cost performance: Redmi Note10 Pro, Redmi K40, IQOO Neo5, Realme GT Neo Flash Version Student Party, game Party:IQOO Neo5/ Vitality Edition, Redmi K40 Game Enhancement Edition, Realme GT Workers, office workers: Redmi K40 Pro, IQOO Neo5, Redmi K30s Parents, seniors: Redmi Note10 Pro, RedMI K40, Realme Q3 Pro