19 + 15 net points!Future plans for the Warriors, preparing to acquire James Durant?

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The warriors last road game against the rockets, Curry is to give the rockets that group of young mercilously on a, told them: “NBA survival journey is dangerous, out of the mix or head down to do things!”Kerr went with an unconventional starting lineup of Poole, Damian Lee, Rooney, Anderson and Moody as the Warriors continued their road trip to SAN Antonio without the splash brothers and Wiggins, who is out with a sore left knee.The Spurs, really, don’t look bad, but they’re a unique team in the league.In other words, the Warriors put together a complete lineup, and Kerr shouldn’t say 100 percent to win the Spurs, given that the Spurs are coached by Gregg Popovich and the spurs are the most team-oriented, midrange scoring team in the league today.So it wasn’t easy for the Warriors to beat the Spurs today with a second and third unit.It takes two for us to talk!The first one is Poole. Poole’s potential is really high, shall we say.Poole is a ball striker, the past & poor’s penetration in the singles title by us, now the s&p and garage, wiggins or other role players is tie-in, can make a good chemical reaction, cut down the warriors today the team’s highest scoring 31 points, shot 9 in 24, three points and 13 in 4, including the dead three points,With six rebounds and five assists, Poole was a big part of the warriors’ win.And the second person is the one I want to talk to you about, that is The library plus!For Kerr, the biggest headache for the Warriors is the bench, the Warriors can play too many players, payton does not need the ball, and can defend;Anderson is desperately saburo and outside shot hit, iguodala is handheld devices, bench ‘favor, and don’t benefit was found is the only one among the warriors’ bench only can use the big one, so that bench is fierce warriors, cole with happiness, and in the environment of the Wolf more meat less, identification and stand out smoothly.Kawhi Leonard, the template before the draft, did not look at the beginning of the season, but the recent games, it is really obvious, can also be said to be the prototype!In curry’s absence, Kunminga has become a key part of the Warriors’ game. Kunminga’s talent, matchup, and scoring style is like the next Wiggins, and kunminga came off the bench to score 22 points and 5 rebounds in 17.8 minutes against the Mavericks.Today this game, kumingjia first three quarters of the game a total of 5 points, the last quarter of the outburst single quarter 14 points 2 rebounds, plus a three-point shot, the full game 27 minutes, with 19 points 3 rebounds 3 assists, the full game +15, a net win of 15 points.Library name and although today’s performance and for the team’s role as far less database, one year, two years behind, it’s hard to say, but the library talent must be our affirmation, he can is future plan of the mighty, and the next moment the rising superstar, not take lebron James, Kevin durant the small forward position, but certainly not bad to where!