“I can’t bear it”, primary school students “grudge this” popular, sister can not sit after seeing

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The mind of primary school students you do not guess, guess to guess to also do not understand, the mind of primary school students, always unimaginative, many parents have said that after the students went to primary school, will present a completely different state from the kindergarten stage, often make unexpected things.It is said that adults will hold a grudge, but pupils will also, some pupils will also because of their poor memory, establish a “grudge this”, pupils “grudge this” became popular, teachers and parents look surprised, the original pupils have such a side.”I can’t bear it”, primary school students “grudge this” popular, sister can’t sit after seeing!Between primary school students, is to think of what to say what, will not take into account the other side of the “self-esteem”, sometimes, inadvertently a word, will let the students remember, “a smile can only see teeth”, this sentence exports, will hurt.However, can say such words of primary school, also be severe, when describing black, can be said to be “hit the nail on the head”, but can not advocate, the teacher can be to its education, between classmates should live in peace, similar words, should not exist.”Speak civilization, polite” is the common sense of parents and teachers will education, but also primary school students must do, and see the primary school students write, just know that some primary school students did not do, no wonder primary school students will write on the grudge.Many habits are the need for students to develop from childhood, but also need the assistance of parents and teachers, normally, this phenomenon should not exist, it can be seen that there is a problem in a link of education, the teacher may not have extra time, but parents can cause attention, apparently the primary school is the lack of “polite” education.Primary school students grudge this, in addition to students, there will be a sister, the primary school students with “detergent” wash vegetables, the result was scolded by the sister, the result is also can call people laugh and cry, the result is “I endure”, this brief three words, should contain a lot of grievances.But the primary school students do it is wrong, criticized by the elder sister education also belongs to take it for granted, the teacher after seeing straight call: pattern, may be the elder sister did not take it seriously, feel is in education of primary school students, but the primary school students do not think is in education, after all, the teacher education of their own, will not say so.Perhaps elder sister “education” pupils often happen, the elementary student’s holding grudges on this, too, by contrast, the primary school students may not be able to endure, elementary student’s “illusive”, the elder sister see sat not to live, the pupil said, sister said he play games, also let him to go to work, the net friend look after laugh,Because it’s all too true.And this but let the pupils can not endure, said “I can not endure”, in the back also added four words, “I wait”, and after the sister saw, but can not sit still, actually secretly said his is not, must find parents to complain, must not sit idly by.In the hearts of primary school students, no matter who have a slight to themselves, they will remember in their own little book, the pupil actually remembered the head of the parents, said parents prefer boys to girls, in fact, primary school students are very sensitive, for parents’ ideas, pupils can see at a glance.In this regard, the author would like to say that parents can reflect, after seeing the content of primary school students write, do not take it seriously, may reflect the students’ own problems, may also reflect their own problems from which parents should be targeted education.Pupils “illusive” tend to reflect problems, parents do not “smile”, otherwise it will affect the students normally, pupils will “illusive” hidden, but there are always don’t pay attention to, when the parents saw, it is able to shrug off will present state, will not be associated with education, little imagine, which tend to reflect a certain number of problems.Therefore, the author believes that parents can not “laugh it off”, otherwise it may cause a certain impact on students, after the discovery, to deal with the content of pupils to write a certain study, to see if there is no problem in pupils’ ideas, parents in education there is no problem, there is no need to educate students.Actually the majority of pupils will be large and small problems, parents’ education is very important in time, find errors, correct in time, this is the premise of a primary school student healthy growth, on the contrary, if parents think doesn’t matter, then the pupils mistake will continue to exist, aeriform in, is the impact to the students.So, parents hope primary school students can be careful, after all, elementary student’s age is small, it is to learn the basic knowledge of phase, it is also the most basic education stage, many habits are formed at this stage, so it is important that parents is rigorous, according to the student’s education problem, we must never neglect, of course, parents also regularly reflect on yourself, for their mistakes,We should also actively correct them.Today’s topic: Do you do “self-reflection” as a parent?If you want to know more wonderful content, please follow Dou Ya’s mother