Check the books and find the sleeping grain money

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Xiao Jusheng, a villager in Sifen Village, Baqiu Town, Xiajiang County, was excited by the money he had received for selling grain. “I never thought I could get the money for selling grain after such a long time. I almost forgot myself,” he said.Things from the city of agriculture and rural bureau discipline inspection inspection group of an inspection began.In 2021, the Ji ‘an Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision launched a special rectification of corruption in the field of grain purchase and sale within the city. Four special inspection, supervision and inspection teams were set up to conduct supervision and spot checks in 13 counties (cities and districts) on grassroots grain debarons and state-owned grain enterprises.The inspection teams paid close attention to the three key links of grain purchase, storage and sale at the grassroots level, and carried out detailed inspections on the storage and purchase of grain reserves, personnel management, financial revenue and expenditure, and asset operation.As one of the supervisory units, the discipline inspection and supervision group of The Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in Zhuzhou went deep into the grain depot in Baqiu Town of Xiajiang County to carry out supervision.When turning over financial account books, a strange contact money caused the attention of zhu Qiuxin, deputy leader of the group, money is shown on the book to be cancelled directly and confiscated.With his keen intuition and solid accounting expertise, Zhu qiuxin felt a little out of line.”According to the financial regulations, the current account is the money that needs to be paid to the corresponding customer, and the direct transfer of income confiscation is obviously not in accordance with the regulations.””The amount of money is not large, and there is still change. Is it possible that it is the farmers’ income from selling grain?””Is there any particular reason why the money has not been paid for nine years?”…After research and analysis, the truth of the matter began to emerge slowly, everyone agreed that it is likely to be a sale of food, because of some reason did not pay the other party.So we quickly went to the grain depot manager in Baqiu town.However, due to a long time, personnel changes, etc., took some effort or did not find an insider.We then searched through the historical data of the direct bank and checked the books one by one. After several twists and turns, we finally found the source of this transaction from the code sheet retained in 2013.It turned out that xiao’s husband had sold 933 jin of rice to the direct bank of Baqiu Town in Xiajiang in January 2013, with a total payment of 2332.5 YUAN. Due to the careless loss of the code sheet, the bank was unable to pay the money.After that, Xiao Jusheng did not find the proof, the grain depot did not issue a corresponding certificate to it, resulting in the sale of grain money in the account for a full nine years.”Although the amount of money is not large, it is the farmers’ hard and hard-earned money and should be returned to the original owners immediately!”Find out the cause of the matter, inspection group immediately ordered rectification of grain depot.Luo Cen, head of the discipline inspection and supervision group of The Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhuzhou, together with the discipline inspection and supervision Committee of Xiajiang County and the discipline inspection and supervision group of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhujiang County, came to Xiao’s home and returned the money for grain sales.After the special rectification work was launched, Ji ‘an city and county two levels quickly sent 163 people to form 20 special inspection and supervision inspection teams, stationed in 172 local and units (including 90 grass-roots grain warehouses, stations, stations) to carry out special inspection and supervision and inspection work related to grain, digging grain silo “moth” and “mouse”, protect food security.The supervision and inspection teams focused their inspections on behaviors that hurt the interests of the people, and persisted in making changes while patrolling, discovering 446 problems and urging 91 problems to be rectified by themselves.We will ensure that the people feel fairness and justice through improving conduct, strengthening discipline, fighting corruption and solving specific problems.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: